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A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. However, a picture and RJ is said to be worth a thousand memories.

About the speaker

His voice is captivating, his stories entertaining and humorous, and his knowledge is extensive. Combine these elements with incredible images and you will be entertained for hours. Call (641) 324-2553 or email: bweselmann@hotmail.com to schedule a program today.

RJ is an accomplished public speaker, servant, and photographer. He has been President of the County Conservation Board of the State of Iowa. He has given programs to photography clubs, hunting groups, boy scout packs, and school organizations. He has presented programs at Norris Campground, The Old Faithful Lodge and The Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Wyoming. His photographs have been published in several books, calendars, and magazines, including the 2006 Wyoming Wildlife Magazine as the grand prize photo. Also, the guide to the Yellowstone wolves of the Northern Range was originated by RJ and is in its fifth year of publication. Read the following program descriptions then call or email to schedule a program.


Three Dog Day: Most of us know that a three dog night is a phrase used to describe a very cold night in Alaska or it might be the title of a music group, but a three dog day is a common catch phrase and something very special in Yellowstone. Join RJ to learn how to get a "three dog day". Hear about the crazy antics of these canine as RJ tells about his experienes while living in Yellowstone. Learn the ecology and biology of wolves, coyotes, and fox through spectacular images of Yellowstone's beloved and controversial canines.

Elk---From birth to death: Elk---From birth to death: Most of us have seen elk in the wild but few of us have been able to spend much time watching elk. Join RJ as he tells of his years photographing and studying the life cycle of elk. His photos and stories will take you from the first steps of a elk calf to the adult stages of the rut and struggles of life and death in Yellowstone Park. Learn interesting terminology that will impress your hunting buddies and laugh with us as he tells us his experiences as a wildlife photographer.

Bison: What you learn from this program may save your life. Animals communicate with the members of its own species and others species. Humans sometimes fail to recognize, acknowledge, or respect these messages. Enjoy an hour of bison biology, including rutting and seasonal behavior and physical characteristics of cows and bulls. The growth and development of the bison calf will also be discovered.

Whitetail Deer: Hunting techniques and tips.

Programs are approximately one hour in length and shown in slide or digital format. Program cost is $250/ hour plus transportation. Non-profit organization should call to negotiate prices.

Call (641) 324-2553 or email bweselmann@hotmail.com to schedule a program today.

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