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Robert J. Weselmann is a native of Iowa. Growing up in Iowa, as most boys, he spent his time on his dad's farm. It is there that he developed his vast understanding of wildlife, the importance of conservation, and the love of photography. Having these ideals set his course for the future.

After earning his masters degree at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, he taught high school biology and ecology. With his students, he restored native prairies and rehabilitated many wild birds. In fact, R.J. wrote his masters thesis on pheasants. Wanting to share his knowledge with older students, he also taught anatomy and physiology at a junior college. During this time, he won many awards in education and was active in conservation efforts. His conservation activities included a working membership in Pheasant Forever, President of the local and state County Conservation Board and land acquisitions for public use.

Currently, RJ is a wildlife researcher and campground host in Yellowstone National Park. Come visit RJ through his dynamic photographs and colorful programs. RJ goes beyond the standard portrait picture. He captures the emotion and feelings of the animals that are not found in other wildlife photography of today. In his programs, you will gain an understanding of the behavior of wild animals and appreciate the characteristics of these animals.

View the online gallery to purchase a photograph or email/call to schedule a wildlife program for your organization.

Raptor's Roost Wildlife Photography
705 North 12 Street
# 1 Norris Campground
Northwood, Iowa 50459
Yellowstone NP, Wyoming 82190
(641) 324-2553
(307) 344-2813
Email: bweselmann@hotmail.com  

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